Sunday, August 3, 2008

Soccer Camp

So, Stonewall is growing up sooo fast, he just attended soccer camp for the first time, and we are totally looking forward to playing with the city league this fall. The camp he attended was called the "Challenger British Soccer Camp". A group of 3 brits came all the way to our little Mississippi town to teach our kids about soccer (apparently, they were doing it all over the country all summer long)! Anyway, the coach for the 3-6 year olds was Chris from Scotland, and he was really great with the little ones. The only problem: no one could understand what he was saying, and he called things funny names. The boys and girls would just stand there looking at him until he actually demonstrated what he wanted. It was pretty comical, but by the end, the kiddos were understanding a little better.

This pic is of the kids in Stonewalls group, Stonewall (with his new buzz haircut) is in the middle in the green shirt sitting on the soccer ball: (doesn't he look sooooo excited)

Just to be fair, I have to through in a pic of Skywalker too. he was too young for soccer camp this year, but he did watch with me from the sidelines!

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