Friday, August 29, 2008

Waiting for Gustav. . .

While sitting here, contemplating hurricane Gustav (which seems to be bound and determined to make his mark somewhere on the gulf coast) I was looking through old pics on my camera card and came across this one that I took last week, of Fay before she really started pouring on us.

I actually went to walmart today, less than a week before the hurricane. BIG MISTAKE! On a Friday morning, the place was PACKED. People were pushing their buggies through the store like madmen, grabbing the last of the bottled water, canned tuna, and peanut butter off the shelves. Okay, not really. It was busy, there were more than usual people there, but not quite what I just described. (Although I'm sure that by late Sunday, or Monday it will be that hectic there.)

In all actuality, they were out of individually bottled water, only had the gallon jugs left, so we bought 3. They still had plenty of tuna, but their ramen noodles section was running less than half full. Well, I bought a few cans of soup, some ramen noodles, an extra loaf of bread, and a few flashlights. Thankfully, we already have pretty much everything we need. There's just something about a hurricane looming in the gulf, though that makes me want to go to Walmart and stock up on stuff.

And, just because they are so adorable, I'm going to post another pic of my boys. "Return to Neverland" is playing on TV now, so Skywalker dressed up in his Peter Pan costume to watch the movie. Isn't he adorable!
Not to be outdone, Stonewall had to go put on his Black Spiderman costume. Hs is pretty upset, though, because he can't find is mask. He seems to be hiding it well in this pic, doesn't he?

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