Tuesday, August 5, 2008

8 Wonderful Years

Today is Rev and my 8th anniversary. Yes, that's right, 8 years ago, when we were mere babes (22 years old), we married at Kingwood First Baptist Church, Kingwood, Tx.

Rev and I met our junior year at Kingwood High School, we were both in the honors Physics class with Mr. Doolittle (truely his name), but in different sections. Mr. Doolittle had study sessions the night before a test, though, and everyone who wanted to could come and study together. At one of these sessions, Rev leaned back from a row over, and offered me a Thin Mint. That's right, the Girl Scouts brought this couple together. We still didn't know eachother well, and I had kinda forgotten about him, until finals week. You see, my dad was the director of his Sunday School class at church, and he needed a substitute teacher for the upcoming Sunday. Rev's mom was finishing up her Masters in Divinity at Southwestern Theological Seminary in Ft. Worth (HBU extension campus) in Comparative Religion, so dad asked her to teach. Anyway, my mom conned me into coming with her to drop off the teaching book in exchange for a study break and a chocolate shake from Sonic. We were sitting in their living room chatting, when Rev walked in. He and his best friend had just given each other buzz cuts, and he was pretty embarrassed about it, but I like it. he had been attending youth group at another church with some friends, so I hadn't ever seen before at church, and I invited him to youth VBS the following week. We hung out all the next week, and by the end, he asked me out on a "real date". We went to see the movie Congo, which was probably one of the worst movies made that year, then we stopped at Baskin Robbins on the way home! Anyway, 5 years later, after senior prom, graduation, college at Baylor University, a 14 month breakup, my going off to nursing school in Dallas while he was still in Waco, and we finally made it to our wedding! That's a little bit about our beginnings, some other day, I'll share more. Praise the Lord, we have had a blessed 8 years of marriage. Looking forward to 100 more!

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