Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Beach Bums

I went to take Stonewall and Skywalker to the beach park today. There is a really nice park with playground and water pad right on the gulf. It's a little cooler to go there than play at home since there's a nice gulf breeze. Well, when we got there, Stonewall somehow convinced me they needed to get into the "salt water" (ie. the gulf) instead of playing on the water pad at the park. I, of course, did not wear my swim suit since we were just going to the park, so I rolled up my shorts and we went. They had a great time playing in the tide and trying to build a sandcastle. Then, a couple of other little boys came out to play with their grandpa. The four boys played together for a while, then went off to hunt for hermit crabs. They found 4 and set them on the ledge, then watched and waited for them to escape back into the ocean. FUN! We also saw a jellyfish (which we stayed away from!) and pulled up a crab pot to look with 12 blue crabs in it, it was so cool. The boys had a great time, and were so tired when we left. Unfortunately, no pictures today, I forgot my camera.
Being at the beach reminded Stonewall of his favorite joke. Why do sharks only swim in salt water?

I stumped you, didn't I?

It's because Pepper water makes them sneeze! Oh, the humor of a 4 year old!

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