Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Yes, we have finally arrived at Election Day: November 4, 2008! This election cycle has lasted SO long! And, it is almost over. I have to say, that I am scared for the results, and excited. If my candidate wins, it will be a big upset, at least according to the Main Stream Media that has been bombarding the news with polls that the other candidate is leading by double didgets in some circumstances.

This post is simply a friendly reminder, no matter your political affiliation, to GO VOTE TODAY!

I am voting for McCain/Palin, and here are a few reasons why (not by any means a comprehensive list!)

1) Pro-Life

2) Stronger on War/Military issues. . .definately NOT a "cut-and-run" approach which, in the long run, will leave us in a much bigger mess than before

3) Sen. McCain does not have a long history of voting "present"; he takes a stand on issues

4)Taxes: Sen. McCain will give EVERYONE a tax cut, NOT just select groups of people. When EVERYONE gets a tax break, EVERYONE wins because that is how jobs are created, benefits are increased, and raises are given. You can BET that I, personally, will not be getting a raise at all over the next several years if Obama's tax plan is implemented, because my company will have much less money around to dole out.

5) HealthCare: As a RN, I DO NOT want the government to be in control of health care in any way, shape, or form. . .I mean, Medicare and Medicaid are already horrible programs, what makes people think that they can do better with more people to take care of? Also, my hospital will end up with LESS money in the long run for the same amount of patients/procedures, which again cuts into my raises, and probably will start affecting ancillary staff (Nurse Aides, Unit Secretaries, EKG techs, even respiratory, physical therapy, etc) which will eventually increase my workload for the same amount of money. . .BAD BAD BAD!!!!!! Not to mention, that once the government gets control of healthcare, it will be the government making YOUR health care decisions, NOT YOUR DOCTORS! The government will decide if that surgery is really necessary, or if you really need those antibiotics that the doctor ordered. And yes, I realize that Obama's plan will not IMMEDIATELY give us government run universal health care at first, but that is is end game here, make no mistake about it!
6) Sen. McCain has a long record of reaching across the aisle to get things done. . .Sen. Obama simply does NOT. 97% of the time, he has toed the party line.
7) I just LOVE Gov. Sarah Palin. I agree that after her blowout at the convention, she did have a rough patch including the interviews with Katie Couric and Charlie Gibson, but since then, she has totally blossomed. I like the fact that she is NOT mainstream Washington. I like the fact that she has EXECUTIVE experience. I like the fact that she is a MOM just like me (Though, I'm a soccer mom, not a hockey mom). I like the fact that her children are with her on the campaign trail (I mean, whatever happened to Sen. Obama's children after the convention? You see the Senator and Michelle Obama everywhere, but the kids are MIA). I like the fact that she got "punked" by that Canadian DJ and took it so well. I like her history in Alaska, and what she's done there, and I am excited to see her in the VP role.
8) I like Cindy McCain. Did you know that despite her being "filthy stinkin' rich" (which is all some people see) she got her Masters in Special Education and was a teacher? Did you know that she founded the American Voluntary Medical Team (AVMT) in 1988, leading several medical missions to developing and war-torn nations during the Team’s seven-year existence?
Did you know she serves on the board for Operation Smile? Did you know that she handpicked a child while in Bangledesh, and brough the child back, telling Sen. McCain that they were going to adopt her? (I just totally love that!)
So, for all these reasons, and many others, I cast my ballot for Sen. John McCain and Gov. Sarah Palin today!

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Me, too.

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