Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A curse and a prayer. . .

Curse you, Daylight Savings, Curse you! My sweet, adorable, good little children have a schedule, that usually runs like clockwork. Up at 7:30am, breakfast, play or school, lunch at 11:30, play, nap (for Skywalker), snack, playtime, Supper at 5:00, Bath at 7:30, bed at 8pm. But for the last 4 days, have they abided by this perfect little schedule? NO. Why, you may ask? It is BRIGHT as day in our house at 6:00am now, and my sweet precious boys' bodies have yet to adjust to the new time schedule. So, they are up at 6:15-6:30 EVERYDAY so far. . .yet, for some strange reason, they can still make it to 8:00 at night. . .so, as I said before, Curse you, Daylight Savings!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And, now, on a much more serious note, our Country has a new President-elect, Sen. Barack Obama. If you have read my blog before, you know that I was not supporting Sen. Obama during the campaign. . .but I digress. Sen. Obama has his work cut out for him, to say the least. I truly believe, that we need to commit ourselves to pray daily, to pray without ceasing for our country and for Sen. Obama, and his leadership. That the Lord will ultimately guide his decisions, and the future of our country. I don't believe that we can necessarily change Sen. Obama's views or policy ideas, but at least we can pray for protection from some of them.

Our Heavenly Father, Lord of my life, Savior of my soul. You truly are the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. You have sovereignty over the whole earth, and everything in it, all of creation is Yours! We are a nation of sinful people, we, as a nation, have turned our backs on you, and turned to sinfulness, we are guilty of pride, we are guilty of self-importance, we are guilty of sexual immorality, we are guilty of tolerance, of lowering our godly standards and morals to earthly ones. . .we are guilty of idolatry, we are guilty of greed, gluttony, and carelessness of others. God, I confess these sins to you, I ask forgiveness for myself personally, and I ask forgiveness for the nation. I pray for a Revival in the land, of Christians being reinvigorated in our service of you, that we may be a light in this nation for YOU, and that you would choose to use us to lead others to you. . .So that they may receive your precious gift of salvation. God, we believe that it is by Your GRACE, through faith in Jesus Christ and his sacrifice on the Cross that we can have fellowship with you, that we can follow you as our leader. I claim the truth that YOU are my leader, not some man on earth. Lord, God, I thank you for my country, for all that it stands for. . .Justice, Liberty, Freedom for ALL. I am thankful that I live in a country where we are free to Worship you, free to share You with others, so that they may know their Creator. I am thankful for the opportunity to vote, that so many of us took advantage of yesterday. Though, God, you know my heart, and know that I am sad at the outcome, I know that You can use Sen. Obama just as You could have used Sen. McCain, if he will submit to your Will for both his life and for our country, so I pray that you will soften his heart to Your Will for our country and for the world. . .bring strong, Godly advisers into his life that will lead him towards Your Will, not away from it. Preserve our capitalistic, free market system, and protect us from socialism. God, I pray for our soldiers, serving in Iraq and Afghanistan right now: protect these men and women who will soon be under the command of Sen. Obama. Let his decisions protect these soldiers, enabling them to do their job in winning this war on terrorism, that our world may be a safer place, free from Radical Islamic Terrorism. I truly believe that the war we are fighting is a holy war, and that YOU will overcome these Islamofacists in Your timing, if we are patient. I also pray that you will place a hedge of protection around Senator Obama himself, and his family in the weeks leading up to his Inauguration and the years following, that nothing bad happens to him or his family.
In the name of Jesus Christ I Pray,


Christianfrog said...

Beautifully written prayer. One that many need to be praying. Thanks!!

Luanne said...

Yep--I have a renewed committment to pray for Obama--especially for his spiritual journey.

As christians, we just can't go around blasting the man.

Well said, post!

tchrbev said...

Well written, Mandy. Thank you.

I added a link to the prayer on my blog. Well, I pasted the address. I am having trouble getting it to link directly, but I will go back and figure out what I'm doing wrong when I have a little more time.