Sunday, November 9, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

Another week gone by. . .another week closer to Thanksgiving! We are going to Arkansas for Thanksgiving to spend time with Rev's family. Rev's father "Big Daddy" works in Saudi Arabia, but will be in the states for Thanksgiving, so we are going to spend some time with him. Rev's Mom "Bubbles" will be playing hostess not only to us, but also to both of Rev's brothers, Uncle Patrick and Uncle Beck. (Stonewall and Skywalker are the only grandchildren on this side of the family, so they will be spoiled rotten!) Aside from the rather long, boring drive there, we should have alot of fun and some really, truely COLD weather for a change!
Our whole family has been SICK this week. I've had a sinus infection for going on 2 weeks now, and am still not really better, but my bronchitis is improving at least. Skywalker had croup last Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, and when we went in to see his pediatrician Monday, he also had a sinus infection and an ear infection. The problem is, the Medicine she gave us is so disgusting, I can't get him to take it half the time. . .he jsut spits it back out (I even tried hiding it in juice and milk, and the boy KNOWS it's there). So, he is slowly recovering. Then, Stonewall started running fever Thursday night, and again last night, and has a bad cough, so I am guessing he has a sinus infection too! UHHGGG! (Rev. has been complaining of a sore throat, too, not to leave him out.) I am hoping that we are all on the mend, but it's been a rough week.
Foodwise, we did well, except that we skipped the Quesadillas in favor of leftover spaghetti and meatballs, so you will see quesadillas again this week. The crockpot Asian Short Ribs with Cabbage and Carrots was AMAZING!!!!!!!!! I used "country-style" beef ribs because I couldn't find any "short ribs" at Walmart, and I substituted Splenda-brown surgar blend in place of the plain brown sugar. The entire meal was delicious, the cabbage and carrots had great flavor, and this cooked all day without burning, which is a plus! It did have kindof a funny smell while cooking (I guess the cabbage), but it tasted great, and we will definately be having this again soon!
On to this week. The days denoted with * are the days that I will be at work, so I have scheduled either crockpot meals, or something that Rev. can throw together himself. And, Wednesday is both Soccer Practice and Church night (I teach the preschool class, and then have choir practice after), so it is quick and easy this week! I have included links to the recipes if you are interested. Have a great week!
*Monday ~ Crockpot Turkey and Black Bean Chili, spinach salad
Tuesday ~ Sweet & Spicy glazed Salmon, whole wheat cous cous, steamed asparagus
Wednesday ~ Quesadillas made with whole wheat tortillas, and leftover chicken and black beans from last week
*Thursday ~ Lentil Haystacks
*Friday ~ Crockpot Pepper Steak, brown rice, steamed snow peas
Saturday ~ Either leftovers or going out to eat. . .we'll see what Rev wants.
Sunday ~ Crockpot Pork Chops, brown rice, spinach salad


tchrbev said...

So sorry that all of you are sick. I pray this passes soon. Your menu looks yummy, too!

Get well!

Garden Girl said...

Bummer! I hate sickness! Come Lord Jesus, Come! Next time, ask your pharmacy if they'll add some flavoring to the icky tasting medicine. Most will do it for free.

Your menu looks awesome. I'm going to have to try those short ribs (and remember to look for sales for them!).

Jerri - Simply Sweet Home said...

Hello. Great menu this week. It's my first time to your blog. Your son is very cute too. My husband and I are actually planning to name our first son Thomas Jonathan Jackson. We'll call him Jackson but his nickname would be Stonewall. Small world!