Saturday, November 1, 2008

Trick or Treat

Well, lets just get right out and say it. I am a horrible mom! I totally FORGOT the camera on Halloween. I have no "action" shots from last nights, so I just have to give you a play by play. I will share a picture with y'all, it's of the boys in their costumes, but we took it a couple of months ago, when we bought the costumes.

Skywalker is the Incredible Hulk, and Stonewall is Batman.
Last night, we had a "Trunk or Treat" event at church. It was a blast. However, I missed our full-fledges Fall Festival that we had done in the years past. . .I would actually LOVE to combine the events for next year. The cookout, games, prizes, facepainting, and more games from the Fall Festival, with the Trunk or Treat aspect mixed in. . .that would be a great evening, I think. This year, though, it was a trunk or treat. If you are unfamiliar with the concept, essentially, you are trick or treating, but instead of going door to door, you go around an open area, where everyone is, with candy in their decorated trunks. We put a toddler sized homemade scarecrow in our trunk, with some fall colored leaves and a green blanket, then had candy inside a big stray basket. Others had carved pumpkins, and all sorts of other non-scary fall decorations. The cars were parked in a large u-shape in the parking lot. The kids really enjoyed it, and we had a great turnout. The youth group was disappointed when they found out there wouldn't be the usual games, so they put on a few by themselves, including a facepainting booth, a kissing booth (with hershey's kisses), and a ring toss. Then, the youth group had a cookout and bonfire after the kids left. All in all, a great evening. I do have to admit, that there were several batmans last night. Several times when Stonewall ran off with a friend or to get more candy (It was a small, enclosed area filled with people I knew, so I didn't keep him too close to me the whole time) I started looking for him, and approached the WRONG batman! I felt so silly. . .but I always found him like a second later.

I do have to share something else with you. Skywalker's teacher at preschool was teaching them about how to go trick or treating, and they learned this "chant" for lack of a better word, with motions. If you ask Skywalker what you do on halloween, here is what he'll tell you: "Get yowa yitto bag weady. . .I walk down the stweet. . .I knock on the dowa. . .and I shout Twick owa Tweat!" (The poor child can't say his Rs or his Ls very well.)

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