Thursday, October 9, 2008

Skywalker Turns 3!

Today, three years ago, the second light of my life was born. Here's his story: I was 37 weeks pregnant, and suffering from Preeclampsia and pre-term labor. I had been on bedrest for a month, and was due to be induced on Monday, October 10 (Columbus Day) because of it. My parents, Mimi and Poppy arrived the Saturday evening before, so they could keep Stonewall, and see Skywalker when he was born, and stay for a week to help out. Saturday evening, we all went to bed as usual. About 1:20am I woke up, and was concerned that my water had broken. I walked around for a little while, waiting for a big gush, and sure enough, it came. I woke up Rev, and told hin that it was time, then went in to tell Mimi and Poppy that we were going to the hospital. God is so good. They weren't planning on coming until Monday, so thankfully they came early and we didn't have to wake up Stonewall at 1:40 am and take him somewhere. Anyway, Rev drove like a madman to the hospital, which was 45 miles away. We arrived finally, at 2:45. The first thing I remember saying was "I want an epidural!" Of course, I couldn't get one right away, but I finally got it at 4:35. The labor was very intense, and the epidural was almost immediate relief, and I was able to doze off. Then, at about 5am, I woke up, and knew that it was time to push. I called the nurse, and she said she would go call the doctor. I told her that she better not leave the bed, or I would have this baby without her. She coached me through, telling me not to push, and when the doctor finally arrived, It took 2 pushes to deliver my sweet precious baby. Skywalker came into this world on Sunday, October 9, 2005 at 5:19am, weighing 6 pounds, 13 ounces, and 21 inches long. He had strawberry-blond hair, and blue eyes. Here's some pics of my little angel:
His very first picture. . .He was not happy with the world when he first came out.
Stonewall and Skywalker (and my mom Mimi). When Stonewall first saw him, he said, "That's my baby!"

Skywalker's first birthday. We had a cowboy party (in combo with Stonewall's 3rd).

Skywalker's 2nd birthday. . .A Space theme, hense the rocket ship cake.

And, We'll post a birthday picture after his party. . .it's in a couple of weeks, since it is a combination party with Stonewall. . .so stay tuned in!

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