Sunday, October 26, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

I can't believe another week's gone by. . . It was a great week for food! I was extremely disappointed, though, with Monday's Crockpot Thai Chicken. I forgot to ask Rev to turn the crockpot off at lunchtime (our crockpot cooks most things fast), so by the time he got home with the boys for supper, it was burnt beyond repair, and he had to throw it out. We were really excited to try it, though, because we LOVED a similar dish from a restaurant down in New Orleans when we lived there. Don't be surprised to see it on our menu again in the coming weeks!
We had a very busy week, with the fair, (or, as Skywalker puts it, the "County Fayah") the boys' big birthday bash, and a visit from Rev's Mom "Bubbles".
Here's this week. The days with * are my work days this week. I leave at 6:15am, and don't make it back home until 8 or 8:15pm, I plan a crockpot meal with sides that Rev can fix himself. Otherwise, the boys end up with McDonalds, and I end up eating cereal.

*Monday ~ Crockpot chicken and rice, green salad, steamed green beans
*Tuesday ~ Crockpot black eyed peas, brown rice, green salad
Wednesday ~ Sausage oven omelet, (with somechanges, asparagus instead of brocolli, eggbeaters, and turkey sausage) fruit salad
*Thursday ~ Crockpot Turkey black bean chili, green salad
Friday ~ Spaghetti with homemade meatballs, homemade marinara, whole wheat spaghetti, and green salad
Saturday ~ Grilled chicken, roasted vegetable medley, whole wheat cous cous
Sunday ~ Meatball subs (made with whole wheat sub rolls, and leftover meatballs from Friday), salad

Hope you have a delicious week!


Connie said...

I just love using the crock pot! I am always looking for more of those kinds of recipes!

Have a great week!

beth said...

Looks like some great crockpot recipies!

Bonnie said...

Your crock pot recipes look fantastic ! And the roasted veg medley ... YUUUUUM !!

akhmmm said...

Sounds like a busy family. Sorry about last Monday's meal not turning out right. I look forward to hearing how it does the next time when it doesn't get over cooked.


bigbinder said...

Ooh~ look at all your crock pot recipes! Sweet; I am bookmarking this. Thank you for stopping by earlier this week. Also - I destroy any kind of Thai food. I can cook anything - but Thai food. Perhaps you have the same curse. It means you just have to go out for Thai every time. Other than that you can lead a completely normal life.